risTroyka - free (for personal use only) Java Swing game

risTroyka is a puzzle game combined from the game Tetris and the game called xTrojka. The name Troyka is derived from Slovenian word "Trojka", which means "three" or "triple". If you put last three characters of the word Tetris in front of the name Troyka, you get a new name risTroyka (Tetris + xTrojka = risTroyka).

risTroyka is simple, but very addictive puzzle game played on a 10x18 playfield. From the top to the bottom of the playfield are falling down columns composed of three blocks, which colours are randomly choosen from four basic colours (red, green, blue and yellow), but in one column there can be only two blocks with the same colour. Each column stops falling when it either hits the bottom of the playfield or remaining blocks.When column is placed on playfield, each row from bottom to top and left to right and each column from left to right and bottom to top is checked if there is Troyka - three blocks with the same colour. Collected blocks are deleted, so all blocks above fall down and replace them. If there is no vertical or horizontal Troyka, new column starts to falling down.

This version of risTroyka requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) in order to run.
If you are using Windows or Linux, make sure that you have a version 1.4.x (or above) JRE installed.
The JAVA JRE is already installed on Mac computers.
Check Software Updates on the Apple site to insure that you have the latest java version installed.
If you want to use Kunststoff(incors.org) or Liquid L&F(http://liquidlnf.sourceforge.net),
download required libraries to CLASSPATH.


>> download setup for Windows

>> download zip version for Linux and Mac


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